Titan Forklifts has designed many accessories that operators love. Sometimes it is the small, thoughtful modification that can take an operators experience from good to great. At Titan, we continuously strive to bring you accessories that help make your business more efficient, safer, and better overall.

Titan Forklifts Accessories Display Image

Standard Accessories

Suspension Seat

Comfortable suspension seating for continuous operation. Removable load backrest is made from heavy 3/8’ steel, offering increased protection and comfort.

Titan Suspension Seat

Ergonomic Pedals

The pedal lengths are cut down to improve legroom and make operating the lift truck as comfortable as possible.

Titan Forklift Ergonomic Pedals

Swing-Out Drop-Down Propane Tank Bracket

Changing propane tanks can be difficult for smaller operators. The swing-out, drop-down propane tank bracket lets operators load a tank much lower off the ground, rather than having to lift a tank above their shoulders and risk injury.


Titan Forklift LPG Bracket Up


Titan Forklifts LPG Bracket Down

Back Up Horn & Handle

Each backup handle is complete with an integrated horn. This allows each operator to sound the horn without having to remove their hand from the safety handle.

Titan Forklifts Back Handle and Horn

LED Working Lights, Rear Strobe Light & Light Bar

All Titan forklifts are equipped with the best LED lighting available and are shielded with heavy duty metal brackets and cover.

Titan Forklifts LED Lights

Overhead Heavy-Duty Roof Protection with Sky Light

Strong overhead protection for improved safety and visibility during operation.

Titan Forklifts Skylight

Heavy-Duty Backrest

Reduce the possibility of damage while transporting heavy loads.

Titan Forklifts Backrest

Tilt Cylinder Rubber Boots Cover

Tilt cylinders are fitted with protective rubber boots to prevent damage.

Titan Forklifts Tilt Cylinder Rubber Boots Cover

Reinforced Protective Guard Over Front Mast Hydraulic Hose Block

This solution prevents sheared hoses and costly time-consuming repairs.

Titan Forklfits Reinforced Protective Guard Over Front Mast Hydraulic Hose Block

Optional Accessories

Enclosed Cab with Heat, Defrost & Wipers

Options for all-weather outdoor conditions.

Titan Forklifts Enclosed Cab

Cascade Side Shift

Quality built side shifters from Cascade are precise and durable.

Titan Forklifts Cascade Side Shift