Titan Forklifts sources only the highest quality parts and materials available to assemble its lift trucks. Quality and durability start with each individual part that goes into a Titan lift truck. Each component is selected by an expert engineering team and tested to ensure it can withstand the demands of today’s toughest jobs.

Titan Forklifts Parts

OEM Parts

Titan Forklifts sources the best quality parts and materials from around the world to use during the assembly of its lift trucks. Major components are sourced from Japanese, German, American or Canadian suppliers. When you buy a Titan you can rest assured that under the hood you are getting only the best.

Aftermarket Parts

Titan Forklifts has partnered with one of the largest vehicle parts distributors in North America. This allows parts to be delivered within one business day to Titan Authorized dealerships, ensuring your downtime is as short as possible and that the parts you need are available when you need them.